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Tri-Axial Magnetometer Calibration Unit

                Magnetic Sensors play a vital role in various defence applications and they establish their mark in the field of Sea Mines. When a ship or submarine pass any deployed sea mine, the sea mine detects the incoming target by sensing the magnetic field generated by the target. This is one of the mode to detect and analyse the target.

                The Tri-Axial Magnetometer Calibration Unit is designed and developed to calibrate such type of magnetic sensors. The performance of the magnetic sensor with reference to the reading accuracy is the key. The Coil system required to generate a small volume of uniform magnetic field is achieved by the principle of Lee Whiting. The Lee Whiting Coil DAS consists of Coil System, Controller Electronics unit and GUI Interface. The sensor is calibrated over its entire range and the data is captured and analysed by the software to check for its performance analysis.

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