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Launch Control Panel for Anti-Torpedo Defence System(ATDS)
Anti-Torpedo Defence System(ATDS) is a new generation Torpedo Defence System for indian Navy.The Indian Naval Ships installed with this new defence system is capable of firing the decoy for the purpose of detonationg and distracting the incoming torpedoes.
The Launch Control Panel(LCP) installed on this system is designed and developed to remotely control the torpedo decoy launchers to fire the decoy so as achieve the ATDS functionality. With differnet modes of firing options like Remote, Local and Emergency, the LCP provides the necessary operational requirements in unforeseen situations encountered by our Indian Navy.


Tri-Axial Magnetic Sensor Calibration Unit
Magnetic Field Simulator & Calibration Unit
Magnetic Sensors Play a vital role in the field of Defence and Aerospace applications and also they establish their mark in the field of under water sea mines. When a ship or a submarine pass any deployed sea mine, the sea mine detects the incoming target by sensing the magnetic field generated by the target. The magnetic signature is one of the parameter to detect and analyse the target.
The Tri-Axial Magnetic Sensor Calibration Unit is designed and developed to calibrate such type of magnetic sensors. The performance of the magnetic sensor with reference to the reading accuracy is the key. The Coil system required to generate a small volume of uniform magnetic field is achieved by the principle of Lee Whiting. The Calibration Unit consists of Coil System, Controller Electronic Unit, Graphical User Interface and Data Acquisition system.The sensor is calibrated over its entire range and the data is captured and analysed by the software to check for its performance analysis.

Under Water Acoustic Modem
Under Water Acoustic Communication Modem
Data Communication in dynamic sub sea environment is a challenging task. To meet this requirement we have designed and developed Under Water Acoustic communication Modem, which provides half duplex communication. This under water telemetry is done in the form of acoustic signals which is achieved using acoustic sensors.

The purpose of UACM to establish communication between the On shore Control Monitoring station and Off shore Mine laid in sea water. This communication system is to control the Data Acquisition System operations remotely from the surface vessel or from the shore. The UACM sends the digital data and which is converted to acoustic signal using the acoustic sensors. The acoustic sensor in the sea mine receives this data and then converts it back to the digital form.

The UACM can be used for wireless data communication in shallow or deep water applications.


Vehicle Tracking System
Vehicle Tracking System
Logistics and Fleet management plays a significant part in the transportation of various cargo or even public transport. Greater visibility of the fleet ensures us to monitor conditions like vehicles from being idle, delivery schedules,vehicles usage and prescribed routes.

The Vehicle Tracking System consists of a Tracking device installed in a vehicle and Tracking Software to monitor at the Center Location. The Tracking Device consists of an inbuilt GPS which provides us with the location information. The location information is securely transmitted to the Central Location using the GPRS Technology.The Tracking software receives this information and can be displayed in the text format, on a website or on a map. Database linked with the Tracking software ensures us to store all the vehicle related data. Real time monitoring can be done with this system and it can also provide us with a complete record of the vehicle usage whenever required.

The Vehicle Tracking System ensures us to improve business process, customer service, enhanced efficiency and moreover providing us the security of our vehicles.


Automatic Data Hosting System
Automatic Data Hosting System
Data obtained from any device or equipment is important to analyze its performance or to obtain some measured data. Transmission of this measured or stored data from any unmanned remote located device is most important and even critical in some cases. The Automatic Data Hosting System is specifically designed to cater such type of needs. 

The Automatic Data Hosting System is a low power data logging and data hosting device. This device is capable of storing the data for a prescribed time and hosts the stored data at some predefined selectable time interval using GPRS communication to any server or website. Data can be uploaded to a server or website by sending an SMS to the Automatic Data Hosting System. Internal memory is provided to store the data in case of GPRS communication failure as a backup option.

Being a low power device , it is ideal for monitoring battery or solar operated equipment installed in a remote location.

Remote  Monitoring  System
Remote Monitoring System
Monitoring and Control plays a vital role in every manufacturing and process sectors. The Remote Monitoring System provides the communication interface for equipment which are located in remote and inaccessible locations. It provides us the control and visibility for all unattended equipment which are to be monitored continuously. 

The Remote Monitoring System is designed to monitor and control the parameters of equipment under surveillance. It uses GSM as the communication media between the RMS and the control station. The RMS is equipped  with dual redundant GPRS Modems to prevent any loss of data transmission. The control station has a Graphical User Interface to monitor all the required parameters of the equipment in the real time. The GUI has the provision to Add or to Modify one location or multiple locations globally. The real time data can be time stamped using the inbuilt GPS. The data can be directly uploaded to a website  from the RMS, if they are to be monitored from any location globally.


Digital Time Zone Display
Digital Time Zone Display
Digital Time Zone Display is a GPS based LED time zone display. The GPS time is acquired with an inbuilt GPS tracking device. The GPS tracking device has capability of capturing GPS information from 12 satellites simultaneously giving us the required accurate GPS time signal. It has the provision to display UTC with three city names with time zones, current date and day of the location. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is taken as the time reference and with respect to UTC, three different zone time,date and day can be displayed. In case of any loss of GPS signal , the time is updated by using the internal Real Time CLock (RTC) and on availability of GPS signal the time automatically synchronizes with the GPS time. 

The Digital Time Zone Display can be interfaced with custom PC based Graphical User Interface software to modify and update the display information like change of city name, time, date and day. It has the provision to display the room temperature with considerable accuracy using a temperature sensor mounted on the enclosure. 
Another feature of this Digital Time Zone Display is that the time can also be synchronized by the Network Time Protocol.


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