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Vehicle Tracking System
Vehicle Tracking System
Logistics and Fleet management plays a significant part in the transportation of various cargo or even public transport. Greater visibility of the fleet ensures us to monitor conditions like vehicles from being idle, delivery schedules,vehicles usage and prescribed routes.

The Vehicle Tracking System consists of a Tracking device installed in a vehicle and Tracking Software to monitor at the Center Location. The Tracking Device consists of an inbuilt GPS which provides us with the location information. The location information is securely transmitted to the Central Location using the GPRS Technology.The Tracking software receives this information and can be displayed in the text format, on a website or on a map. Database linked with the Tracking software ensures us to store all the vehicle related data. Real time monitoring can be done with this system and it can also provide us with a complete record of the vehicle usage whenever required.

The Vehicle Tracking System ensures us to improve business process, customer service, enhanced efficiency and moreover providing us the security of our vehicles.

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